Ridley Tsui - Smoke z filmu MK Annihilation. Odpowiada na pytania 25.I.2004 r.

MK Center: What made you get the part of Smoke, over all the other applicants?

Ridley Tsui: The producer of MK wanted to use some HK style action, so the lead actor, Robin Shou recommended me to be the action choreographer. We casted some action actors and stuntmen, but were not good enough. Therefore, I took up the role of Smoke.

MK Center: What do you think about scenes of fight in this movie (especially fight between Smoke and Liu Kang)?

Ridley Tsui: Actually I did not like it very much because I did not have enough say in the fight sequences - i.e. the way of shooting and editing. Besides, it was my first time doing a Hollywood film, so I'm sure it could have been better if I had more say.

MK Center: Do you know why in MK Annihilation Smoke have got Sektor's special moves (I mean about a missile)?

Ridley Tsui: I don't know either...perhaps just to add more elements than physical fighting.

MK Center: What is your opinion about MK Annihilation?

Ridley Tsui: Good storyline that is very suitable for teenagers.

MK Center: Is there a third mortal kombat film in the works?

Ridley Tsui: I heard they are working on MK3 at the moment.

MK Center: Are you working on anything right now at your job?

Ridley Tsui: I just finished an Australian commercial and heading to UK in a few months to work on a project.

MK Center: Do you play any Mortal Kombat games?

Ridley Tsui: I don't play video games at all.

MK Center: How was it to film with Robin Shou?

Ridley Tsui: Very good, because he's a very good friend of mine. We've known each other for a long time and knows my style of working. It was easy to work with him.

MK Center: What do you think about J.J Perry?

Ridley Tsui: Great guy. He's a real fighter-capable and professional action actor who's also easy to work with. We just did an Indian film together a few months ago.

MK Center: Do you know what happened to your costume from MKA?

Ridley Tsui: I don't know...probably still in the studio?

MK Center: Did you do your own stunts or did you have a stuntman?

Ridley Tsui: Of course I did my own stunts on MKA.

MK Center: How long did actually MK: Annihilation pictures last?

Ridley Tsui: I don't quite understand this question. Do you mean shooting days or last in the theatres? If you mean shooting duration, it was about 9 months. If in the theatre, it lasted about a month in Hong Kong...but don't know about rest of the world.

MK Center: Tell me what was the atmosfere on the set?

Ridley Tsui: Very good, everyone was professional and worked hard!

MK Center: How long did you study marshal arts?

Ridley Tsui: Since the age of 7.

MK Center: You played in a plastic (or other material) costume, was it comfortable?

Ridley Tsui: It was tough to move around with the plastic costume.

MK Center: Have you ever been in Poland? What do you think about this country?

Ridley Tsui: I've never been to Poland, but heard good things about it! (especially the landscape and of course, the vodka!) Also, I know polish people are very friendly. I hope I have a chance to work on a project there some day.