Megan Brown - Mileena z serialu MK Conquest. Odpowiada na pytania 15.I.2004 r.

MK Center: How did you get picked for the role of Mileena in MK Conquest?

Megan Brown: Mileena was my first real acting job. I had been introduced to a casting director that recommended me to an agent who sent me on the casting. When I went in to audition for the part I really let myself become monstrous, messed up my hair, changed my face, and contorted my body to show the horrific shame of the character. When I was finished, the casting director smiled and said, "Thank you. You are the first person that seemed to have actually read the script."

MK Center: Do you play any Mortal Kombat games?

Megan Brown: No, I really don't play video/computer games.

MK Center: Who is your favorite fighter in the MK games? Do you play Mileena in the game?

Megan Brown: I'd have to say that Mileena is my favorite fighter in the games, since she is the one I am familiar with.

MK Center: What was your favorite part of the show?

Megan Brown: My favorite part of the show was the interaction with Sho-Khan (my spelling may be incorrect on his name).

MK Center: What were Kitana's fans made of?

Megan Brown: Kitana didn't really let me touch her fans, so I'm not sure what they were made of. I remember them being metal, long and sharp.

MK Center: What was it like working with Kristanna Loken, Jeff Meek and Paolo?

Megan Brown: It was great working with them. Everyone was very professional. I was only on the set for one day, so I did not get to know them very well. We were kept busy while on the set and had individual dressing rooms, so we did not have much interaction time.

MK Center: Do you do martial arts?

Megan Brown: I do not currently do martial arts.

MK Center: Do you hope to see a new season of MK Conquest? If so, do you plan to be part of it?

Megan Brown: It would be great to see another season of MK Conquest. The show provided a lot of work for Florida actors, and was an excellent opportunity . I live in New York City now, acting and attending Columbia University, so I do not have plans to participate in any future episodes. They are shot in Orlando, Florida.

MK Center: What did you like most about playing Mileena?

Megan Brown: I loved the make-up. It took two hours to put on the full facial prosthetics. They made me have pock marked skin and terrible, sharp monster teeth. I loved seeing the teamwork and artistry it took to make the transformation. We shot the day before Halloween, and I wanted to wear the make-up home so that I could use it for my costume. The makeup artist advised me strongly against it, because the special glue they used to put the prosthetic chin, cheeks and forehead is really hard to get off without a special product. I followed their advice and let them take it off for me. It took an hour to peel it all off of my face.

MK Center: Who's your favorite character in MK Conquest besides your character?

Megan Brown: My favorite character in MK was Sho-Khan. He was just such a great villain, and reminded me of Skelator from Castle Greyskull.

MK Center: How does it feel to see yourself the "Shadow of a doubt" episode?

Megan Brown: I did not see the Shadow of a Doubt episode until several years after shooting it. My neighbor in New York heard that I had done the show and ordered a DVD copy for me from somewhere in Asia. It was great to finally see it after all the time had passed. I like to see my work when I can, and MK, being my first real job, was a treat to see.

MK Center: What was your favourite episode? (Although it is likely to be "Shadow of a doubt")

Megan Brown: I'll stick with Shadow of a Doubt.

MK Center: Do you still have contacts with someone from the Mortal Kombat: Conquest cast?

Megan Brown: I do not really keep in touch with the MK cast.

MK Center: Did you hear of Mortal Kombat before you were casted?

Megan Brown: Yes, I had definitely heard of Mortal Kombat before being casted. I rented the movies at Blockbuster to research the part. I knew that it had quite a loyal following, but I was not very familiar with the show itself.

MK Center: Have you ever been to Poland?

Megan Brown: No, I haven't been to Poland yet. I've heard it is beautiful though, and knew a lovely old Polish woman that made great pierogies. I would love to see Poland.