John Podlasek - producent MK: Deception; odpowiada na pytania fanów 18.III.2005

MK Center: Are there any secret characters in MK: Deception (without this ones you can have throu Crypt) We heard roumors from many sources about playing Motaro or other characters in group 'Super Unlockables' is this true?

John Podlasek: No.

MK Center: Why Noob Saibot and Smoke fight together in MK: Deception?

John Podlasek: We liked the idea of tag team with different moves for each.

MK Center: Which particle fighting game you think was the biggest rival for upcoming MK: Deception?

John Podlasek: Probably DOA...which we beat pretty handedly in terms of sales in the U.S.

MK Center: Why MK: Deception for GameCube wont be sale in Europe?

John Podlasek: Business decision by management.

MK Center: Do you have any plans of makeing MK game for PC? (would be great for online fighting with todays internet avaible for everyone etc...)

John Podlasek: No.

MK Center: Will Mortal Kombat 7 be for Playstation 2 ? or for next generation consoles (like xbox 2, ps3 etc..) only?

John Podlasek: We can't comment on the next fighting game or platforms at this time.

MK Center: What happend to Ho Sung Pak ? Why Eddie Wong replaced hem in act as Liu Kang in Mortal Kombat 3?

John Podlasek: I don't know who Eddie Wong is....

MK Center: Ed Boon personal site (noob.com) will it have some news in near future? Or is it dead...

John Podlasek: Not sure.

MK Center: Will be MK: Deception for GC in collector edition too?

John Podlasek: Nope, just the standard version.

MK Center: What other bonuses will be for GC version of MK: Deception (beside Goro and Kahn)?

John Podlasek: 6 more characters will be unlocked without having to do it in Konquest.

MK Center: Will they have (Goro and Kahn) fatalities in MK: Deception on GC?

John Podlasek: Yep.

MK Center: Characters in MK: Shaolin Monks will have abilities from MK:DA and MK:D (reversal, power-up, breaker etc...)?

John Podlasek: Monks is an action / adventure game, and will play very differently than MKD.

MK Center: What kind of music we can expect in MK: Shaolin Monks ? Will Dan Forden make it again?

John Podlasek: Dan is involved with Monks, although I don't know the specifics.

MK Center: What game modes we can expect in MK: Shaolin Monks?

John Podlasek: I don't think we've formally released info about this.

MK Center: In every new Mortal Kombat you make new fatalities? It looks like you are never out of ideas for it?

John Podlasek: We have a good pool of animators and artists who come up with the ideas.

MK Center: Before the premiere of MK:DA there was a rumor that in game there willbe passibility to rip up to pieces youre opponent clothes by weapon (there was even an example picture in Midway www site). However in the final version there isnt such a passiblity. Some of ous (players) hoped that this willbe in Mortal Kombat Deception, but there isnt. Why did you withdraw from that idea? In our opinion it would be a great idea.

John Podlasek: Technical tradeoff. By doing something like this we would have to have dropped something else (or more) to keep the game running at 60 fps.

MK Center: Do you read MK fan sites, forums - get ideas from there? Do you listen youre fans theyre ideas and used them in next Mortal Game?

John Podlasek: We check out many of the fan sites, especially the better ones like www.mortalkombatonline.com.

MK Center: What do you know about Mortal Kombat 3 - movie ? Maybe some details that we dont know.

John Podlasek: There's nothing that can be disclosed at this time.

MK Center: We would like to congratulete you for many awards you got for makeing MK: Deception, and we wish you more with next MK game. Thank you for youre time.

John Podlasek: We're glad people like it ;)