Dean Cochran - Cassar z MK: Conquest. Odpowiada na pytania 14.09.2004

MK Center: Malvado: Do you play Mortal Kombat games?

Dean Cochran: I used to play the PS2 version a bit but I wasn't very familiar with the characters until I did the show.

MK Center: Malvado: As it was played at flank it Chris Casamassa?

Dean Cochran: Chris played Scorpian, very nice guy. I felt a little silly in my bumblebee outfit on the show ;o)

MK Center: Rain: Wchich martial art do you study?

Dean Cochran: I have black belts in Shaolin Kung Fu and Kenpo. I also kickboxed a bit when I was younger training under Benny the Jet.

MK Center: Rain: What are your plans about your future in movies?

Dean Cochran: As an actor you have to take it as it comes, it's a hard road to take. I'd like to do more AMerican television to stay closer to home although I have very much enjoyed the time I spent in Bulgaria playing the lead role in 3 recent action films AIR MARSHAL, SHARK ZONE, and TARGET OF OPPORTUNITY.

MK Center: Rain: How much time do you spend on training everyday?

Dean Cochran: It all depends, if I am shooting a film I train constantly when I'm not on set. If I'm not working then I generally only train in class a couple of times a week at the most and go to the gym on other days.

MK Center: Rain: What are your plans about your future in movies?

Dean Cochran: Keep doing them as long as I can. I enjoy the opportunity to share my talent with the world.

MK Center: Rain: Did you enjoy working with Mortal Kombat: Conquest crew?

Dean Cochran: The Florida crew were some of the nicest folks around although they did manage to get me with the old piece of chalk in the altoids container trick. The camera man offered me an altoid and it was actually chalk. It was pretty funny.

MK Center: Rain: Do you still have contacts with someone from the Mortal Kombat: Conquest cast?

Dean Cochran: I talked to Daniel (Siro) a couple of times, he's a great guy. In fact he ended up working with the director who directed me in Air Marshal. Small world.

MK Center: Ghost: Did you fight actually in the serie or someone doubled you?

Dean Cochran: I always do my own fighting in films; however, on the TV show the schedule is so fast that you cannot fight your own fights. The reason is you are shooting another scene in another location while the 2nd unit and stunt crew film fights. Then they send you in to shoot closeups and a couple of kicks at another time.

MK Center: You played only in one episode, this was becuse of scenario ? or maybe other resons?

Dean Cochran: Originally my character was to be a recurring character but I think the producers realized the series was winding down and decided to just make it a one time deal.

MK Center: Did you saw Mortal Kombat Movies ? What do you think about it?

Dean Cochran: I loved the movies.

MK Center: Which part of that episode (in which you played) you like most?

Dean Cochran: I'd have to say it was the off screen time. The cast was terrific and a great group of guys to hang out with. I played some golf with Shau Kahn (excuse my spelling) and hung out with the other guys quite a bit. It was also great shooting on the lot at (I think it was UNiversal in Florida) because I could go to the park for free on my breaks. I even took the Mortal Kombat Conquest tour on a day I was shooting and watched my buddies shoot a scene.

MK Center: Did you maybe heard any rumors about third Mortal Komba Movie?

Dean Cochran: No I haven't.

MK Center: What are youre feelings from Mortal Kombat: Conquest movie plan?

Dean Cochran: The should do it and make me the star.

MK Center: Is Eva Mendes (youre serie wife) so nice in real life like in the serie?

Dean Cochran: Yes she was very nice to work with and is obviously doing very well in her career now.

MK Center: Have you ever been to Poland?

Dean Cochran: No but I almost stopped there on my last film in Bulgaria. My friend Chuck was working at the American Embassy and invited me over but alas my shooting chedule was extended and I did not have time to fly over to Poland. My buddy tells me it's beautiful.