Chris Casamassa - Scorpion z MK The Movie oraz Takeda/Scorpion z MK Conquest.
Odpowiada na pytania 5.III.2004

MK Center:: Do you train any martial arts? If yes, how long you're doing that, and how much time do you spend everyday for training?

Chris Casamassa:: The style I train in is called RED DRAGON KARATE I have my own studio I teach at 10 hours a day I practice about 2 hours a day for myself. Saturday & Sunday is my time off.

MK Center:: How difficult was for you role im Mortal Kombat Movie?

Chris Casamassa:: It was very challenging they asked me to do many advanced techniques. It was also a lot of fun.

MK Center:: What are your thoughts about Linden Ashby and hes acting/fighting?

Chris Casamassa:: I think he's a wonderful actor. He became a student of mine after the movie, so now his martial arts skill is very good.

MK Center:: Of what material was your mask in Mortal Kombat movie made it?

Chris Casamassa:: Spandex, latex and rubber.

MK Center:: Your eyes in movie are white - did you were contact lenses?

Chris Casamassa:: YES giant white lenses they were very difficult to wear.

MK Center:: What are your plans about your future in movies?

Chris Casamassa:: Keep doing them as long as I can. I enjoy the opportunity to share my talent with the world.

MK Center:: With who from the MK The Movie cast you worked best?

Chris Casamassa:: Linden Ashby, Robin Shou we spent the most time together.

MK Center:: What are you doing at the moment (playing in some movie Maybe?)

Chris Casamassa:: New film coming out in April called "SCI-FIGHTER"with Don Wilson and Lorenzo Lamas.

MK Center:: We heard that MK3 Movie is comming, can you tell ous Something more about it? Will you play in it ? (as Scorpion of course).

Chris Casamassa:: I will be SCORPION It Should start filming later this year and be in theaters 2005. Cant say more I've been sworn to secrecy.

MK Center:: Why didn't you play in Mortal Kombat Annihilation movie?

Chris Casamassa:: Schedule conflicts- I was committed to doing the Batman & Robin Movie with George Clooney. the filming schedules for both movies got moved and I had already signed the contract with Warner Brothers.

MK Center:: Do you play any Mortal Kombat games? Who is your favorite Character in the mortal Kombat games?

Chris Casamassa:: I play them all my favorite character is Rayden, and Scorpion (of course).

MK Center:: Scorpion outfit, was it comfortable?

Chris Casamassa:: Yes very comfortable, it was made to fit my body so I could move with ease.

MK Center:: Have you ever met the creators of Mortal Kombat, Ed Boon and John Tobias?

Chris Casamassa:: Yes, Briefly during the filming of MK1.

MK Center:: Which fight in MK Conquest you like most?

Chris Casamassa:: Scorpion Vs Subzero or anyone because I get to win all the time in the TV show.

MK Center:: Were you ever in Poland, or will be maybe? :)

Chris Casamassa:: Never been to Poland But I hear it is a beautiful country I would love to visit.